Veton Jonuzi

Empowering Cyber Security Graduate Securing the Future at J Group Consulting.

Veton Jonuzi is an accomplished and enthusiastic member of our Secure the Future Grad Program at J Group Consulting.

With a strong academic background, Veton completed his studies in Cyber Security at Box Hill Institute and recently obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology from Victoria University.

As a highly reliable individual with excellent interpersonal skills, Veton thrives in team environments, leveraging his adaptability to achieve project success.

Driven by a desire to excel in the IT industry, Veton brings a robust work ethic and versatility gained from previous employment experiences. His comprehensive understanding of general employability skills, coupled with his proficiency in effective communication, enables him to deliver exceptional results. Veton's technological acumen encompasses customer service, troubleshooting PC and mobile devices, basic scripting, and networking fundamentals, with a strong focus on cyber security.

Joining our esteemed J Group team, Veton's presence adds immense value to our mission of building a secure world for people to thrive. Through his dedication, problem-solving abilities, and commitment to continuous learning, Veton actively contributes to the success of our projects and client engagements. We are delighted to have Veton as a part of our team, and his passion for cyber security reinforces our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to our valued clients.

With Veton's exceptional skills, drive, and commitment, we are confident that he will make a significant impact on our organisation and continue to grow as a cyber security professional.

Veton Jonuzi

Career Achievements


Bachelor of Information Technology Victoria University

Certificate IV in Cyber Security Box Hill Institute

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