Michael Dordevic

Upcoming Cyber Security Talent and Enthusiast in the Secure the Future Grad Program

Michael Dordevic, an ambitious part of our Secure the Future Grad Program, is the epitome of dedication and zeal in the ever-evolving field of cyber security. Currently pursuing a Certificate IV in Cyber Security, Michael combines theoretical knowledge with a genuine curiosity to explore the depths of this dynamic domain.

His academic prowess doesn't end there. Michael has augmented his cyber security skills with a CyberArk Trustee Certification, amplifying his understanding of critical security layers. This foundational expertise, complemented by his background in Marketing and Communication from Swinburne University, positions him uniquely. He not only grasps the intricacies of cyber threats but also appreciates the value of communicating these in a way that resonates with diverse audiences.

Beyond the academic arena, Michael is a team player. His experiences from casual employment and active participation in university activities have honed his communication and collaboration skills, making him a valuable addition to any project or team setting.

As Michael embarks on this exciting journey with J Group Consulting, we are confident that his mix of technical acumen and communication finesse will help him make a significant impact. We are thrilled to support his aspirations and watch him grow into a formidable cyber security professional.

Michael Dordevic

Career Achievements


Trustee CyberArk

Certificate IV in Cyber Security Swinburne University

Diploma of Marketing and Communication Swinburne University

Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication Swinburne University

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