Ebhan Darvill

A dedicated PAM Engineer with a passion for cybersecurity. With a successful career transition and a thirst for knowledge, Ebhan brings unwavering dedication, collaborative expertise, and a strong track record of delivering tailored solutions to address unique challenges in the field of Privileged Access Management.

Ebhan's journey into the field of Cybersecurity began as a career change a few years ago, showcasing his unwavering dedication and thirst for knowledge. Since then, he has embarked on a path of continuous learning and excelled in the Privileged Access Management space.

With a background in the hospitality industry, Ebhan brings a unique perspective and a set of transferable skills that have proven to be invaluable in his transition to Cyber Security. His experiences as a chef, working his way up from an apprentice to a head chef, have honed his ability to adapt quickly, think critically, and work efficiently under pressure. These skills translate seamlessly into the fast-paced and dynamic world of Cyber Security, where quick thinking and effective problem-solving are paramount.

Ebhan's commitment to professional development and growth is evident in his achievements as a PAM Engineer. He possesses a strong understanding of PAM concepts, including privileged account management, session management, and secure application development practices. He has actively engaged with cross-functional teams, collaborating with various stakeholders such as IT operations, server administrators, security, compliance, database admins, network management, and application development teams. This collaborative approach allows him to comprehend unique requirements and deliver tailored CyberArk solutions to address specific challenges.

Ebhan's proficiency extends beyond technical expertise. His excellent communication and interpersonal skills enable him to engage effectively with stakeholders at all levels of an organisation, from business users to technical experts and senior management. He excels at translating technical concepts and requirements into clear and concise recommendations for non-technical stakeholders, ensuring a common understanding of proposed solutions.

In addition to his technical acumen, Ebhan's training and mentoring abilities have been instrumental in empowering less experienced users in the proper utilisation of CyberArk solutions. He has conducted comprehensive training sessions, created documentation, and delivered workshops to enhance user knowledge and proficiency. This commitment to education has resulted in increased user adoption, improved security practices, and reduced risks associated with privileged access.

Ebhan's passion for Cyber Security and his dedication to his professional growth make him a valuable addition to our talented group of experts at J Group Consulting. We are thrilled to have him on board as he continues to expand his knowledge and contribute to our mission of helping build a secure world for people to thrive.

Ebhan Darvill

Career Achievements

Implemented robust PAM policies, strengthening security posture and mitigating risks associated with privileged access.

Streamlined workflows and operational efficiency through tailored platform policies, enhancing overall productivity and security practices.

Led comprehensive training initiatives, resulting in increased user adoption, improved security practices, and reduced risks related to privileged access.

Collaborated effectively with cross-functional teams to understand unique requirements and deliver customized CyberArk solutions aligned with organizational needs.

Ensured business continuity by successfully leading and executing disaster recovery (DR) events for data center and cloud-based configurations, minimizing disruptions and ensuring critical service availability.


CyberArk Trustee

CyberArk CPM & PSM Connector Development

CyberArk EPM Administrator

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