Dan Culshaw

Skilled PAM Engineer with In-depth Expertise in CyberArk Solutions

Dan Culshaw encapsulates the ethos of a contemporary tech aficionado. Equipped with an extensive professional track record in Privileged Access Management (PAM), His prowess in CyberArk is evident, serving as the singular onshore subject matter expert—a testament to his dedication and unparalleled expertise.

Dan's analytical abilities, fused with a diligent work approach, manifest prominently in his roles ranging from an analyst to a senior engineer in the PAM sphere. Here, he exhibited excellence in CyberArk solutions, taking charge of large-scale asset onboarding, propelling technical teams, and overseeing various CyberArk-centric solutions. His expertise isn't limited to CyberArk; Dan's skills span across scripting, networking, security, troubleshooting, and even advanced tools like Splunk.

Dan's professional trajectory mirrors a staunch commitment to innovation and continuous learning. His technological passion, intertwined with his perennial zeal for personal and professional development, resonates perfectly with J Group Consulting's ethos. We are thrilled to welcome him to the team, anticipating ground-breaking strides towards a technologically advanced future.

Dan Culshaw

Career Achievements

Transitioned to Privileged Access Management, starting as an analyst and rapidly rising to the position of Senior Engineer, all while maintaining a strong focus on CyberArk solutions.

Instrumental in key projects involving large-scale asset onboarding and transitioning technical teams to one-time password systems.

Acquired comprehensive skills in Privileged Access Management, with specific proficiencies in CyberArk Defender, CPM & PSM connector development, and Vault operations.

Held multiple influential roles within PAM, culminating as a Lead PAM Developer, showcasing a trajectory of growth and expertise in the domain.

Steered initiatives as the sole onshore CyberArk Engineer, championing connector development, solution design, and the effective communication of PAM strategies to senior tech departments.

Demonstrated unwavering commitment through 24x7 on-call support, incident response, and ensuring consistent environment monitoring & maintenance.


PAM Defender CyberArk

CPM and PSM Connector Development CyberArk

CPCNA - CradlePoint Certified Network Associate CradlePoint

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