Cristy Mendez

Driving Engagement & Ensuring Exceptional Experiences: Cristy Mendez at the Forefront of J Group's Marketing Efforts.

Cristy Mendez brings a unique blend of administrative excellence and marketing prowess to J Group Consulting. Holding a Bachelor of Communications and Digital Media from the prestigious Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, she is adept at crafting influential narratives in the digital age.

Cristy's passion shines brightly in her multifaceted roles, ranging from managing social media platforms, executing strategic marketing campaigns, to coordinating large-scale events. Her stint as a Marketing Coordinator at Exchange Workspaces Richmond showcases her ability to increase brand engagement, as evidenced by the 30% surge in social media interactions. Meanwhile, her experience with AMD Digital Marketing Agency in Monterrey highlights her skills in digital marketing strategy formulation and content planning.

Her diverse professional journey also includes her entrepreneurial venture, where she co-founded and managed Bakeaway, a vegan bakery. Taking charge of its branding and social media content, Cristy exhibited her knack for resonating with audiences and leveraging influencer partnerships. Her role as a Communications, Events, and Public Relations Intern for the American Chamber of Commerce of Mexico further solidified her proficiency in event management and branding enhancement.

Cristy's strengths aren't just confined to the marketing domain. With her strong background in event coordination, she has orchestrated memorable experiences, such as a significant 3-day conference for top executives at Xignux. Her collaborative nature, combined with her proficiency in tools like the Adobe Suite, SEO, and graphic design, positions her as a valuable asset to our team.

At J Group Consulting, we're excited to harness Cristy's talents in furthering our mission. With her at the helm of our marketing and administrative functions, we're confident in providing even more value to our stakeholders.

Cristy Mendez

Career Achievements

Successfully increased engagement on social media platforms by 30% during her tenure at Exchange Workspaces Richmond.

Implemented targeted social media campaigns that amplified brand visibility for multiple clients.

Orchestrated the annual 3-day company conference for Xignux, accommodating high executives with over 300 attendees.

Led the development and execution of a brand awareness campaign for Xignux that bolstered brand visibility and attracted new talent.

Co-founded Bakeaway, a vegan bakery, and effectively developed its marketing strategy and branding from the ground up.

Managed and collaborated with influencers, achieving significant brand promotion for Bakeaway.

Efficiently organised large-scale webinars for the American Chamber of Commerce of Mexico, supporting ambassadors from both Mexico and the United States.


Digital Marketing Graduate Diploma International House Business School, Melbourne, Australia.

Certification of Strategic Communications Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, Monterrey, Mexico.

Certification of Social Media Strategy Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, Monterrey, Mexico.

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