Andrew Clough

Andrew is a Senior Engineer at J Group Consulting, with a broad range of skills and experience that he brings to the team.

Andrew is a self-motivated individual with a deep passion for technology, particularly Privileged Access Management and Cyber Security. He has worked in various roles throughout his career, making him an adaptable worker with a keen interest in all aspects of technology.

At J Group Consulting, Andrew's role at J Group Consulting is multifaceted, and he is currently working with multiple clients in various industries with different levels of complexity and challenges. Andrew specialises in Privileged Access Management (PAM) and is involved in everything from remediation and uplift projects to brand new PAM implementations and onboarding projects.

Andrew is always seeking new challenges and opportunities to learn and grow as a professional. He holds currently hold certifications in CyberArk and AWS.

Andrew's diverse range of skills and experience make him a valuable member of the J Group Consulting team. He brings a unique perspective to every project he works on, and his passion for technology and commitment to excellence make him an asset to any organisation.

Andrew Clough

Career Achievements

Extension of CyberArk components to AWS (CPM, PSM, PSMP, PTA, PWVA)

Built and integrated the Privileged Threat Analytics (PTA) solution into Cyber Defence function

Designed and implemented CyberArk HA Clustered vault architecture across multiple locations

Migration of CyberArk platform from single vault environment to HA Cluster vault architecture in a live production environment

Migrated all AWS console and CLI production interactive workloads to behind CyberArk (400+ AWS landing zones)

Designed and onboarded all Tier 0 infrastructure accounts to CyberArk – Enterprise, Doman, DNS Admins

Lead squads in the accelerated onboarding of applications into CyberArk – requirement gathering, connector build, cutover, hypercare


CyberArk Defender

CyberArk Sentry

CyberArk - Certified CPM & PSM Development

AWS Cloud Practioner

CyberArk Certified Sales Professional (CSP) – PAM, Access, CEM, EPM

CyberArk Certified Pre-Sales Engineer (CPE) – PAM, Access, CEM, EPM, Secret Manager

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